My Recording Setup

I often get the question "What gear do you use for creating courses", so I thought i'd create a list of the equipment i've used.

My Recording Setup

I've been creating online courses for a few years now (check them out here). I've been happy with this setup, so here it is:


The best microphone to use for recording audio is a dynamic mic, especially if you don't record in a booth. That being said, dynamic mics usually have a "sweet spot", which makes it hard to record at consistent levels. This is why I have a Cloudlifter(below), which will elevate the gain beyond what the audio interface allows.

Here's the one I use.

Rode Procaster Dynamic Microphone

XLR to USB Audio Interface

This audio interface has suited me well for 2+ years

Onyx Artist 1-2 Audio Interface

Mic Activator

This is the essential piece of equipment for a dynamic mic. This device will increase the quality and clarity of your recording significantly